4 Bomb Explosions Kill 13 In Iraq

4 Bomb Explosions Kill 13 In IraqThirteen people were reported killed when four bombs exploded in Iraq on Saturday. The Iraqi police said three of the bombs exploded in a commercial Baghdad district and another blast hit the city’s western outskirts. Blast investigators said the initial explosion hit Baghdad’s central Bab al-Sharji district followed by two other explosions in a street nearby.

The latest bomb explosion came as the United States troops in Iraq is set to leave the country at the end of 2011. The investigators said the first explosion killed seven people and wounded 29 others. On the same day, six more people were killed and eight were wounded on the outskirts of Baghdad when a roadside bomb hit a truck carrying construction workers in Abu Ghraib to the west of the capital.

It was learned that the rest of the 18,000 U.S. troops in Iraq are packing up by the end of the year when a securit y pact with Baghdad expires. The reported talks to keep some U.S. troops in Iraq as trainers fell apart over the question of legal immunity for U.S. soldiers.