Elderly Man Accidentally Gives Away Life Savings

Elderly Man Accidentally Gives Away Life SavingsAn eighty year old man from Illinois accidentally gave away his life savings when he donated clothing to the local Goodwill Store. This elderly man did not trust banks so he sewed his life savings, which was thirteen thousand dollars, inside lining of one his suits. He has made an appeal to the public that if anyone finds the money to please return it so he can care for his wife. She has Stage 4 cancer.

The incident happened in Moline, Illinois and the charity has searched the store when he had made his donation but so far, they have not found the suit. They have been searching through all the donations that had come in at the time he made his clothing donation and they are also searching through all the bins of clothes that have already been transported from the facility in Moline. Those donations were sent to a regional warehouse in Iowa City.

The man is not coming forward with his name or exactly where he is located because he is not only devastated by the incident but he is also embarrassed. They are offering a one thousand dollar reward to the person who returns the money, but they can keep the suit.

Author’s note: This is a tragic story that could happen to anyone. Let’s hope whoever got the suit has the conscious to return the money.