Teen Arrested for Knocking on Armored car Window

Teen Arrested for Knocking on Armored car WindowIn Charleston, South Carolina, eighteen year old Kieon Sharp had applied for a job with Brink’s Security but had not heard anything from them. When he saw one of the trucks, he figured that he would go get more information about the day-to-day details of working for the company and driving one of their trucks. He walked up to the truck and knocked on the window to get the driver’s attention.

The driver thought that the teenager was holding a gun and that he was going to try to rob the car so the driver called the police. By taking the direct approach in hopes of getting a new job, Kieon Sharp got tossed into jail on suspicion of armed robbery. He was held behind bars for a few hours before he was released. The police sergeant said that the situation was more than a misunderstanding.

The young man had walked up, banged on the window, and scared the driver. Because the trucks carry a lot of cash, the drivers are always on high alert so that is why the driver called the police. When they searched the suspect they did not find a gun but did find copies of jobs applications he had been filling out that day. It also included the one that he had filed out for a position with the armor car service, Brinks. Because the suspect was so cooperative with the police they offered him a job application with the street department.