Spain Unemployed Numbers Increase In December

Spain Unemployed increase in DecemberThe economy and quality of life in Spain is looking worse these days. According to reports, the number of people who do not have have jobs in Spain has risen in December. The Labor Ministry of Spain said some 4.42 million people are now out of work and receiving benefits in the European country.

The agency said the increase was small though, at only 1,897 people, or less than 0.1 percent, due to Christmas holiday hiring. The government said as of 2011, the number of people receiving benefits in Spain increased by nearly 8 percent compared to 2010, which saw only a 4.5 percent rise. Moreover, according to the latest data the number of jobless people in Spain stand at five million.

Economic experts said the high number of jobless in Spain could be attributed to the bleak economy of the country. The government for its part is optimistic that in 2012 the country will have a better economy and see a decrease in the number of people who are unemployed.