Healthy Benefits of Beer

Healthy Benefits of BeerYes, beer does have health benefits but that does not mean that you should consume a lot of beer. To get these health benefits, women should have no more than one twelve ounce beer a day and men should only have two. If you drink too many beers you could risk liver damage, heart problems and some cancers. In addition, drinking too many beers can help put on the weight. A regular twelve ounce beer has approximately one hundred fifty calories.

Here are some of the health benefits of drinking a beer a day.
Stronger bones—beer contains a high level of silicon which has been linked to bone health. For the beer that has the most silicon and the best bone building benefits is pale ale.

  • Stronger heart—it can help reduce the risk of heart disease, including dying from cardiovascular disease and heart attacks by twenty-five to forty percent. It can also help raise your levels of good cholesterol which helps keep arteries from being clogged.
  • Healthier kidneys—it can help lower your risk of getting kidney stones by forty percent.
  • Boost brain health—it may help to keep dementia and Alzheimer’s disease at bay by twenty percent.
  • Boosts vitamin levels—drinking a beer a day can give you a thirty percent higher level of vitamin B6. In addition, beer also contains folic acid and vitamin B12
  • Helps to guard against strokes—it can help prevent blood clots which can block the blood flow to the brain, hear, and neck. These are the clots that can cause ischemic strokes, which are the most common strokes.
  • Helps to reduce the risk of diabetes—the risk of developing type 2 diabetes went down by twenty-five percent.