Body Found in Theater Restroom

A sixty-six year old man from Colorado was found in a locked movie theater restroom. His body had apparently been there for five days after he had used the restroom, fell over, and died on the floor. He had apparently died of a heart attack. The man, George DeGrazio, was reported missing by his family on January 10th after he was last seen on January 9th. His vehicle was found outside the theater on January 11th. The man’s son said that he did not personally look for his father because the police advised him to leave it to the police. Mr. DeGrazio was a retired art teacher

Mr. DeGrazio was found January 14th after the workers at the theater noticed an odor coming from the restroom so they forced their way in and found the body. Mr. DeGrazio was in a small family restroom that was locked from the inside. At this time, the company that operates the theater in Fort Collins, Cinemark, has placed five employees on leave while the company conducts an investigation.

The theater company is doing an evaluation of the opening and closing procedures of this theater to see just how this could have happened and to make sure this does not happen again. The police of are not investigating the matter because there was no foul play. There may also be a health department investigation because state rules require that all restroom trash be emptied on a daily basis, which in this case it was not.