Teen, Laura Dekker Finishes Circumnavigation Sail on Saturday

Teen, Laura Dekker Finishes Circumnavigation Sail on SaturdayLaura Dekker, age sixteen, has ended her yearlong voyage around the globe. She is the youngest person every to make this voyage alone. Along the way at several points, she had her trip interrupted. She arrived in St. Maarten after battling heavy winds and high seas on the final forty-one days of her journey from South Africa in Cape Town. The school officials stated that she should be in class and not sailing around the globe in a sailboat and the Dutch authorities said she was too young and tried to block her trip but she went anyway.

Laura Dekker said she was born while her parents lived on a boat and that at six years old she made her first solo sail. She started the trip when she was fifteen years old but had been thinking about making the trip since she was ten. During her trip she covered more than twenty-seven thousand miles. She made stops at the Canary Islands, the Galapagos Islands, Fiji, Panama, Tonga, Australia, and Bora Bora. She began her journey where she started on January 20, 2011, which was St. Maarten. Along her journey, she pulled into ports to study and sleep. She also had to make repairs to her thirty-eight foot sailboat.

Some of the problems that she complained about was clearing customs, ripped sails, a salty wet bed, heavy squalls, and a near collision with a couple of cargo ships. She also had some stowaways that were pretty persistent; cockroaches. One highlight of her long trip was the forty-seven days of sailing in the Indian Ocean. She saw her first whale in South Africa.