Three way Disagreement Over Lottery Ticket

Three way Disagreement Over Lottery TicketIn Arkansas, the lottery commission has a program that allows people to take non-winning lottery tickets and register them for points that they use toward prizes.  Sharon Jones went to the trash bin to pick up some of the discarded lottery tickets in a Super One Stop gas station in July 2011as she had done before.  When she and her husband went to register the tickets the program would not give points on one of them.  They realized that the ticket had not been scratched off completely.  When the couple scratched the rest of the ticket off it was a winner worth one million dollars.

She turned the ticket in and received a check for six hundred eighty thousand dollars but after it was issued the lottery commission was confirming all winning tickets and saw her on surveillance footage grabbing a handful of the discarded tickets.  When the store manager, Lisa Petriches, saw the footage she claimed that customers grabbing discarded tickets were not allowed and that she had a deal with the manager that the tickets belonged to her.  

Regular customers at the store have said that it was common practice for them to grab tickets from the bin and that the sign stating “Do Not Take” had been put on the bin after the incident. The Lottery Commission stated that they feel whoever brought in the winning ticket is the owner but it is legally up to the judge to decide.  

A third woman, Sharon Duncan, is also claiming she is the owner of the ticket because she is the one who bought it but why she threw it away she has not said.  At this time the winnings are frozen until the case can be decided by the court.