Cold Weather Kills 36 In Eastern Europe

Thirty six persons were reported killed in Eastern Europe due t o the extreme cold weather condition in the area. According to reports, the severe cold weather condition already disrupted the power connections and caused heavy traffic in those nations.

The national government in this part of the world already opened shelters and give hot tea to their people for them to cope up with the cold weather. In Ukraine alone, 18 people were killed most of whom homeless due to hypothermia and some 500 people sought medical assistance for frostbite and hypothermia. The Emergency Situations Ministry in Ukraine revealed the temperatures in several parts of Ukraine fell to minus 16 C (3 F) during the day and minus 23 C (minus 10 F) in the night which caused the massive death.

In nearby Poland, 10 people were also confirmed dead due to the cold weather condition. Poland’s Interior Ministry revealed that elderly people and the homeless were the ones mostly affected by the bad weather condition. To cope up with the situation, Polish authorities already placed more than 40 heaters in the busiest city transport stops to help waiting passengers keep warm. The government also put up tents for an estimated 3,000 homeless people.