Man in Massachusetts Dies From Rabies


Man in Massachusetts Dies From Rabies Kevin Galvin, age sixty-three, from Barnstable, Massachusetts after a month of being critically ill from rabies died.  Since 1935, this is Massachusetts first case of human rabies reported.  The man is suspected of contacting rabies after being infected from a bite from a small brown mouse-eared myotis bat.  Kevin Galvin died January 23rd.  On December 30th, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health reported that a man had been diagnosed with a rare and possibly deadly disease but did not give the man’s name at that time.


Kevin Galvin’s cause of death was rabies encephalitis.  It was confirmed later that the virus was from a common species of bats found in the United States.  Most of the cases of rabies reported have been connected to some species of bat.  


In South Carolina a woman died in December from rabies, the first case of rabies in the state in fifty years.  The virus is in the salvia of the infected animal and is normally spread with the infected animal comes in contact with another animal or human, or bites an animal or human.  The virus, when it enters the human body, affects their nervous system which will ultimately cause inflammation and disease in your brain, and eventually you can die.  Early symptoms include headache, fever, and general discomfort or weakness.  The virus can be stopped from causing a serious illness or death if the person is quickly administered antibodies and vaccine.  


In the United States, there are one to three cases reported a year.