Go-Kart Hauling Mexican pot Grabbed by U.S. Border Police

Go-Kart Hauling Mexican pot Grabbed by U.S. Border Police The U.S. Border Police have caught a go-kart in the far west part of Arizona in the desert on Tuesday.  The go-kart had a trailer that was filled with marijuana.  This is just another strange attempt by drug smugglers from Mexico.   This is just another way they are trying to get marijuana into the United States after border security has increased.  

Tuesday night officers and agents from the Cocopah Tribal Police Department saw the single seat go-kart pulling a trailer through the desert so they chase after it.  The vehicle was homemade and painted a desert beige using spray paint to blend in with the surroundings of the desert.  The trailer that it was towing had two hundred seventeen pounds of marijuana.  The person driving abandoned the vehicle about one hundred yards short of the border and ran back into Mexico.  

Recently the U. S. authorities have put more agents, newer technologies that include surveillance drones that are unmanned, tighter security, and additional fencing along the Arizona/Mexico border.  With all this added security at the borders, drug smugglers are always trying to figure out new clever ways to get their drugs into the United States.  They have resorted to trying to get in the United States by sea, tunneling under ground, using medieval style catapults to hurl the drugs over the fence at the border, strapping loads of marijuana to micro-light aircraft that flies low to the ground, and the latest, using a go-cart.  

The marijuana seized was worth almost one hundred nine thousand dollars and was released to the Customs Enforcement Agency and the U.S. Immigration.