Josh Powell Attempted to Kill Sons With Axe Prior to Fire

This is an update just in on that tragic story of a man who killed his two sons because he was not granted custody of them at the hearing.  There was another hearing scheduled in July and because of what his father is in jail for, Josh Powell was ordered to undergo a sexual psychological evaluation.  Josh Powell was also a person of interest in his wife’s disappearance in 2009. 

On Monday it was released that after the autopsy reports and investigation, before he set fire to his home, causing an explosion that killed both himself and his five and seven year old sons he took a hatchet to both of their necks.  The Pierce County Medical Examiner’s Office reported that all three of them died of smoke inhalation.  

The autopsy showed that the five year old had chop injuries to both his neck and head.  The seven year old had chop injuries on his neck.  These chop injuries also contributed to their deaths.  The investigators have found a hatchet that they believed was used on the two boys, which was found right beside them.