Playing Video Games For 40 Hours Could Cure Cataracts

Who says playing video games will not offer other benefits aside from entertainment and fun? A recent medical study, has shown that playing video games for 40 hours could help cure patients suffering from cataracts.

Doctor Daphne Maurer, of McMaster University in Canada, said playing video games for 40 hours in four weeks could help cataract patients have a better eyesight. Maurer said through the video games therapy patients were able to see better the small print, the direction of moving dots, and the identity of faces.’ She said based on their initial research they discovered that 40 hours of video games therapy can cure the eye disease known as ‘lazy eye’ or amblyopia, a brain disorder in which the vision inĀ  one eye fails to develop properly.

Playing Video games can cure cataracts?
Rachel Anne Seymour/KANSAN photo illustration

According to reports, Maurer knows what h e is talking since she is globally famous for her work on “synaesthetes” – a condition that makes people’s brains link different senses. This early, cataract patients are very happy with this latest medical finding regarding the possible treatment for their eye condition.