Inhalable Caffeine Being Reviewed by FDA

The officials from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration are planning to start an investigation as to whether the inhalable caffeine that is being sold in containers that are the size of a lip stick is safe for consumption.  They are also investigating as to whether the manufacture can label as a dietary supplement.  The name of the product being investigated is called AeroShot and hit the market in New York City and Massachusetts last month.  It is also sold overseas in France. 

When a consumer buys this product, they put one end of the container in their mouth and breathe it in.  By doing this a fine powder is released which will dissolve almost immediately.  Each of these containers has caffeine powder of approximately one hundred milligrams and B vitamins. This is about the amount of caffeine found in a big coffee.  One single unit costs almost three dollars and on the label it warns people that they should not consume more than three of these AeroShots a day.

Inhalable Caffeine Being Reviewed by FDAThe product is made in France by the company Breathable Foods, Inc. claims that AeroShot is different from the potent beverages like energy shots.  The company also states that they are not targeting anyone under the age of eighteen and that just like coffee, it delivers the caffeine in your mouth.  Because it was labeled as a dietary supplement and sold as such it did not require FDA review before it hit the market in the United States.