Man Bites Hood of Police Cruiser While on Bath Salts

A man, forty-seven year old Eric Scott from Milton, Florida, was knocking on the doors of neighbors stating that the needed medical assistance and asking them to call 911.  When the officers from the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s officer answered to 911 calls, the man allegedly began to walk away from the officers cursing to himself.  He threw his flash light at a mailbox and began to scream at the officers to just shoot him over and over.  

The man apparently already had many self inflicted injuries to his hands and he had blood coming from his nose.  When the officers tried to restrain him, allegedly he tried to bite the hood of the police cruiser.  He started to scrape his teeth across the hood, managing to dig through the pain down to the metal, causing almost six hundred dollars in damage.  He was being detained in handcuffs while they were waiting for EMS to arrive.

Apparently Eric Scott was showing signs of being under the influence of bath salts, which can cause confusion, aggression towards law enforcement, erratic behavior, and loss of direction.  When he arrived at the hospital he continued to still ask police and the people at the hospital to kill him.  He has now been released from the hospital but he could still face charges of resisting an officer without violence and criminal mischief.

Man Bites Hood of Police Cruiser For those of you that are not familiar with the latest drugs on the streets, bath salts is a synthetic drug that is very similar to amphetamines and you can get them on the internet, truck stops, and even corner stores.  They are marked as bath salts and sometimes as plant food, marked with the disclaimer “not for human consumption.”  This hallucinogenic sells for approximately twenty dollars a packet and can be smoked, mixed with water as a drink, snorted, or smoked.