Maryland Governor to Sign Same-Sex Marriage Into Law

On Thursday, the governor of Maryland plans to sign a bill making same-sex marriages legal but his opponents are making plans to challenge the new law at election time.  When the bill is signed, Maryland will join seven other states where same-sex marriages are legal.  The other seven states include Iowa, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, Massachusetts, District of Columbia, and Connecticut.  In June, Washington State will be the ninth state to join the list unless opponents stop it before a possible ballot initiative.

Governor Martin O’Malley is supposed to sign the bill into effect at a special ceremony on Thursday at five o’clock in the evening.  He has supported the measure and gave his promise to sign it once it passed by lawmakers.  In New Jersey, the legislature pass through both houses a gay marriage law but the governor vetoed the bill.  In California, an appeals court has overturned their ban on gay marriage.

Maryland Governor to Sign Same-Sex Marriage Into LawIn Maryland, the opponents of same-sex marriage are working to get a referendum seeking to repeal the bill on the ballot for the November election.  In order to get it on the ballot for November the opponents would need approximately fifty-six thousand signatures with a third of them needing to be submitted by May 31st and the rest of them by June 20th.