Foods That can Help Fight the Flu

The flu season has gotten off to a slow start in the United States this year so if you have been one of the lucky ones who has not gotten the flu, here are some foods that might help you fight the flu.

       Sweet potatoes—yes, sweet potatoes.  This is a vegetable that is full of nutrition and has vitamins C and A, calcium, and potassium, which are all helpful in staying healthy and fight off flu and cold symptoms.

       Nuts—eating some nuts can help to boost your immunity system and may help to ward off the flu symptoms.  You should choose either almonds that have lots of vitamin E or Brazil nuts that have a lot of the antioxidant selenium.

       Garlic—this food has the component allicin which will help to prevent the spread of infections, including the flu.

       Mushrooms—these are good sources of beta-glucan that helps to support your immune system.

       Dark chocolate—the cocoa can help to support your t-helper cells, which help your immune system to fight off the infection from getting the flu.

       Honey—it can help to suppress your cough if you get one with the flue and in a laboratory setting it has been proven to help stop bacteria from growing.  You can also add it to lightly brewed tea or warm water to help with flu and cold symptoms.

       Water—it is very important when you have the flu that you keep your body well hydrated to help you recover from the flu.

Foods That can Help Fight the FluAlthough there is no miracle cure for the flu, even the flu shots do not always stop a person from getting the flu, but trying to stay healthy can make the flu symptoms less severe.