Boy Sentenced in NYC Shopping Cart Shove

On Thursday a twelve year old trouble boy was sentenced to at least six months but can be as long as sixteen months in a therapeutic group home.  He was charged with hurling a shopping cart from a fourth-floor mall walkway onto a woman who was seriously hurt while she was shopping for candy to give away on Halloween.  On October 30, 2010, he and a thirteen year old friend plead guilty to assault.

Boy Sentenced in NYC Shopping Cart ShoveAccording to the city Law Department attorney, it was the younger boy who came up with the idea and he was also the one who gave the final shove to the cart.  They were doing it for kicks.  The little twelve year old boy had a chaotic home life complete with violence, frequent moves, and parental neglect.  He has also been suspended many times from school.   One such suspension came after he started to choke a girl.

The thirteen was also sentenced last month and given the same sentence as the twelve year old.  Susan Larabee, the Manhattan Family Court Judge, stated that she chose the middle ground sentencing for the two boys.  Other possible sentences ranged from the juvenile court equivalent to parole to a sentence in a locked facility.  In the future the judge can decide to extend their time in the program they were sentenced to up to they are eighteen years of age.

The woman who was injured, Marion Salmon Hedges, age forty-seven, was in a medically induced coma for a time after the incident and she still has to have extensive rehabilitation.