Rare March Tornados Rip Through Michigan

Thursday three tornados were reported tearing through southeastern Michigan destroying thirteen homes and significantly damaging one hundred and five homes. These tornados also downed power lines flooding streets and sparking fires in Dexter, Michigan but there have been no reports of fatalities or serious injuries. There was a report of a tornado touchdown in the surrounding areas northwest of Ann Arbor and in Dexter.

Tornados Rip Through MichiganIn Dexter residents reported that the temperatures started dropping and the clouds started to turn crazy colors. For twenty or thirty minutes they had dime-size hail along with heavy wind and heavy rain making visibility less than ten feet. Accessing the damage in Dexter there was one home that was totally flattened and a home that was nearby had lost almost all of the second floor and the roof. In Ann Arbor they had golf ball size hail.

Michigan has seen less than one thousand tornados in the past sixty years with most of them happening in April and May, the severe weather months and the summer moths. Earlier this year there have been a total of ten tornados but these are the first to hit this far north in the state.