Now Available—Pixy Stix Vitamins

Do you remember the Pixy Stix of yesteryear? The little paper straws where you tore off the end and dumped the sugary contents on the middle of your tongue? Well, they are now back and instead of sugary nothings they are filled with a multivitamin powder called “AlternaVites Melts” that will melt on your tongue without any water. They are the ultimate alternative for anyone who has trouble swallowing pills. For adults your flavor will be mixed berry and for children they have the choice of raspberry, cotton candy, bubblegum, or strawberry.

Now Available—Pixy Stix VitaminsThey will come in single dose straws and you can eat it straight out of the straw or sprinkle it into puddings, smoothies, yogurt, or other foods. In the adult version there are twenty-three essential minerals and vitamins. The children’s version formulated for children ages four and up, has seventeen essential minerals and vitamins. It is not recommended for children under two years of age because of the possibility of it being a chocking hazard.

Some of the vitamins include A, B6, B12, E, D, and C plus other minerals and calcium. All of these help with a variety of different things such as eye and skin health, stress reduction, bone and dental health, and so much more. This new vitamin has zero calorie powder and is sweetened with xylitol. This is a natural sugar substitute that is found in the fibers of many vegetables and fruits. It is also used to help prevent cavities by inhibiting the growth of the oral bacteria that can cause cavities and in sugarless chewing gum.