El Monte, Calif. – In an effort to promote fiscal discipline, the El Monte City Council Tuesday unanimously voted to suspend their own car allowances beginning at the start of the next fiscal year.

Effective July 1, Council members will no longer receive a $350 monthly car allowance. Besides the Mayor and the City Council, the City Treasurer and the City Clerk will stop receiving their monthly car stipend of $100 each. Suspending the stipends will save the City a total of $1,950 each month.

El Monte, CA Provides Funding For Home Improvements, First Time Home Buyers“The City of El Monte continues to face a challenging budgetary environment compounded by the dissolution of its redevelopment agency and low sales tax revenue.  While there are signs that more people are buying big ticket items, the City Council recognizes that more must be done to bring down expenditures,” said Mayor Andre Quintero, who proposed the cut.  “In El Monte, we have been fortunate that our creative staff has found grants and specific, one-time expenditures that have allowed us to open a new park and establish home improvement grants.  But, with regard to our General Fund, we’re in the same position as other cities – looking in all corners to find money to maintain ongoing services like public safety and community services.”

“This decision to suspend our car allowance is really an opportunity for us to lead by example,” Quintero said.  “We’re not going to close our budget gap by suspending the $350 car allowance.  But it is an unprecedented gesture to signal to the public and to our employees that there is a “new normal” in El Monte and we all have to be part of the solution.”