What’s the Deal With #WeBeliveInYouKris on Twitter?

In case you’re not up on Twitter trends, The #WeBeliveInYouKris hashtag is trending big around the world.  The headline is that Chris from EXO has filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment (SME) to sever his contract with SME.  The lawsuit was actually filed April 15, 2014, but the rumors didn’t start swirling until last night.

We at California Examiner must live under a rock….it certainly feels that way sometimes.  We honestly didn’t have a clue who Kris is or what EXO is.  So we did what any reporter would do. We searched Youtube and google.  Here’s what we found:

Well, apparently EXO is a South Korean boy band and they are produced by the company S. M. Entertainment.  They’ve been around for all of a year and a half now, but seem to be rather big news outside of the United States.  There are 12 members of EXO.  That’s one heck of a lot of teen age heart throbs.  How do the female fans stand it??

So Kris of EXO is Kris Wu Yifan is the leader of the EXO-M band.  Did we mention that EXO is actually two bands?  Yep, EXO-M and EXO-K.  That’s all you need to know about that.

Kris is the lead of EXO-M and does the rapping.  Yes, South Korean rap is huge, isn’t it?

Here the Korean rap star himself, all dolled up:

I hope this Kris and EXO fiasco is all cleared up for you now.  Your day is now complete.