Cowboys Lose Sean Lee To Torn ACL – #CowboysLoseLee

Cowboys fans are all atwitter with hashtag #CowboysLoseLee, as news came this morning that Cowboys middle linebacker Sean Lee has a torn left ACL.  He will miss the entire 2014 season.  Dallas Cowboys fans seem to be devastated by the news of his latest injury.  Of course, Redskins fans are not feeling so devastated.

The question is, why the big uproar on twitter hashtag CowboysLoseLee, for a middle linebacker like Sean Lee who has been injured so much in the past couple of years?  Clearly he hasn’t been the same since 2012, and it’s becoming clear that he may never be 100% healthy ever again.

(Photo: Ron T. Ennis, MCT)
(Photo: Ron T. Ennis, MCT)

Cowboys fans are divided on how important Sean Lee is to the teams playoff hopes this year.  Here’s some of the (sometimes harsh) comments from Cowboys fans:

“How can I trust on or count on Sean Lee? I CAN’T!” 

“Sean Lee is softer that tissue! You have to play to be great & he can’t stay healthy!”

“isn’t nothing new if your a true Cowboys fans”

“I think the cowboys should give a call”

“Sean Lee Is Always Hurt!!”

“Chatting w/someone about the Cowboys & we came to the conclusion that God doesn’t like Jerry Jones. SIGH”

Seems most fans have come to the same conclusion that Sean Lee, while talented, is a little too dainty for the job.  Seems Lee has been this way since his college days, when he tore his right ACL, in 2008 at Penn State, and then again in 2009 with a partial tear on his left ACL.  It just doesn’t seem to end.

This falls under the bad timing category for the team, as Lee just signed a six year extension last summer for $51 million, and a $10 million signing bonus.  How the team came up with the decision to sign a player prone to frequent injuries is a real head scratcher.