The World According to an Egotistical, Petty Short Seller With Everything to Lose

Marc Cohodes, the idiot of Wall Street, is back. And he’s crazier, angrier, and more infantile than ever, with a personal vendetta against MiMedx Group (MDXG)

Cohodes has made a name for himself as the fearsome, “not to be disrespected”, shorter of  “bad companies”.  But lately he has become the laughing stock of twitter and the investment community.  Sure, there is the slight possibility he started out shorting bad companies because they were bad. He REALLY has our best interests at heart.  But somewhere along the line he appears to have realized there was big money to be made shorting high flying respectable companies, and then publishing baseless facts, documents and quotes out of context, and convoluted misinformation to knock good companies share price down.  And he does so, at will, with the help of a network of shady offshore websites pretending to be real “Research Groups”.  Research groups that have no regulations to follow and no regulators to answer to, when they post Cohodes misinformation and out of context quotes.  

Two examples of that are Viceroy Research and Aurelius Value.  Just after Cohodes initiated a large short position, he or someone close to him directed Viceroy Research and Aurelius Value to post stories of wrongdoing by MiMedx executives.  Naturally, no proof has ever been posted on these two fake research groups websites.  Just baseless facts, innuendo, and misinformation, and lots of out of context quotes from pissed off former employees who were fired for wrongdoing or incompetence, all in the hope to scare off retail AND institutional investors and drop the price of MiMedx Group stock even more.  It’s also been reported that he called an institutional investor and talked them into selling their shares of MiMedx Group (MDXG).

 But Cohodes doesn’t stop at shady offshore websites like or to spread his misinformation.  He’s also got a group of biased reporters in his back pocket, who are at his beck and call to write things like the cute little artsy “Pro Cohodes the chicken farmer” articles on what an amazing short investor he has been, especially on the short side.  This, even though his company was bankrupted, and rightfully so, after being caught with his pants down naked shorting after the 2008 financial meltdown.  House calls are a bitch, aren’t they?  These journalistic “friendlies” love to quote him on twitter, and interview him for magazines and business tv shows,  and, of course, love to feed the gullible retail investor his baseless non facts and misinformation.


But lately, and we don’t know if it’s just Cohodes drinking way too much, or under stress from the possibility of yet another bankruptcy on his part, his demeanor has really gone down hill, quickly.  The once mighty short, Marc Cohodes has suddenly started incoherently and angrily ranting on twitter, with embarrassing personal attacks.  This new trend is disturbing, yet comical, as his twitter rants and personal attacks are becoming more embarrassing than the leader of embarrassing twitter rants, Mr Trump himself.

Ironically, Mr Cohodes twitter bio says disrespect is his greatest motivator.  Then, he goes on a weekend bender and derides the size and stature of CEO of MiMedx Group (MDXG) Parker H. Petit, and even stoops so low as to drag Mr Parker’s wife into this attack.   Cohodes infantile and ironic twitter rampage doesn’t stop there.   He also has a network of short followers who cheer lead this dizzying display of erratic tweeting insults.   Here’s just a few of the incoherent, personal attacks from the man child Cohodes, just in the past few days:

More irony, as the Drunk calls the CEO of MDXG little, and that he’s had too much moonshine:

Cohodes ironically calls out Mr Petit for having a thin skin.  Hello Pot, this is kettle calling:

Apparently the man child Cohodes loves to play pinball, and even manages to lob insults at CEO of MiMedx Group (MDXG) You can bet he downed a few pints while doing it:

Threats and innuendo from Cohodes, a recurring theme indeed:



More infantile twitter action from man child Cohodes as he retweets one of his disciples tweets ala Pep le pew.  And Mr. Respect even brings Parker H. Petit’s wife into this embarrassing smear campaign?

More childlike personal attacks from the king of respect Marc Cohodes.  He must have been one hell of a great bully in grade school:


Keep in mind the above tweets are just a small sample of how low Marco Cohodes is willing to go with petty little personal attacks on the CEO of a major corporation.  It seems he’s let his crusade get the better of his sanity, and surely his health.  I’m sure we’ll be able to give some more examples of his descent into insanity soon.

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