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Social Security Gives Raise in 2012

In January, 2012, people who are on Social Security will get their first raise since 2009 and will be around three point five percent. On Wednesday, the amount of the raise will be determined because that is when the annual

NBA Will Not Start On November 1, First Two Weeks Cancelled

The feared cancellation of the forthcoming National Basketball Association is now taking shape. The NBA officials has decided to cancel the first two weeks of the next NBA season which supposedly would start on November 1. With the cancellation, the

Spare Change? Private Islands For Sale Right Now

If you have one or two million buck just lying around collecting a measly savings rate, you can own your own private get-away island that is either undeveloped or already comes with everything that you already need. If you decide

Only 55 Percent Of 16 to 29 Year Olds Have Jobs

Political leaders in the United States need to work harder these days. This, after the latest economic figures has shown that only 55 percent of Americans in the 16 to 29 year old age range had jobs in 2010. According

Majority of States See Rise In Unemployment Rates

In August, the third straight month, a majority of the states have seen a rise in unemployment rates which is an indication that the depressed job market is widespread across the United States. In twelve states the unemployment rates fell

Crash, Crisis, and Contrarian Investing – by Philip MacKellar and Benj Gallander

At Contra the Heard, we have noticed that unlike merry shoppers during the post-holiday season, investors do not generally enjoy bargains when they arise. Perhaps this is because stock market deals do not present themselves at regular intervals and do

College Degrees With A Solid Earnings Potential

With college being so expensive, every student and parent wants to make sure that the degree they are pursing is going to have the potential to not only get them a job but also a good salary. Here are some

Job Skills That Are Still In Demand

In today’s shaky economy, factories closing, and people losing their jobs, everyone might wonder just what job skills they need to assure them getting a job and then keeping it. Here are some skills that are in great demand, what

Shopping For Back to School Bargains

School for most of the nation will begin sometime in August and everyone is scrambling around trying to get the school supplies needed plus new school clothes. Both of these can put a major dent in a family’s budget. There

Higher Crude Oil Prices Mean Higher Gas Prices, Again

For the first time since May the average price for a gallon of gas has increased. It has stayed just under the four dollars a gallon price but in some cities that may not be true any longer. The price