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Social Security Gives Raise in 2012

In January, 2012, people who are on Social Security will get their first raise since 2009 and will be around three point five percent. On Wednesday, the amount of the raise will be determined because that is when the annual cost-of-living adjustment will be released. Since 1970, Social Security benefits have increased each year an

Job Skills That Are Still In Demand

In today’s shaky economy, factories closing, and people losing their jobs, everyone might wonder just what job skills they need to assure them getting a job and then keeping it. Here are some skills that are in great demand, what they involve, and jobs utilizing that skill. Organizational skills—being able to stay focused while doing

Shopping For Back to School Bargains

School for most of the nation will begin sometime in August and everyone is scrambling around trying to get the school supplies needed plus new school clothes. Both of these can put a major dent in a family’s budget. There is also the price of school book rentals which on the average is over a