15 Dead by Tanker Truck Explosion In South Africa

15 Dead by Tanker Truck Explosion In South Africa: South Africa is coming to terms with the full scale of the damage and fatalities brought on by a tanker truck explosion on Christmas Eve.

Damage and fatalities from a tanker truck explosion in South Africa

A/P — Johannesburg Officials announced that the death toll from a Christmas Eve tanker truck explosion in Johannesburg had risen to 15. South Africa was still coming to terms with the full scale of the wreckage and fatalities.

The truck caught fire on Saturday in the town of Boksburg after being stranded beneath a low-lying bridge while hauling gas. Emergency services officials said that the truck burst as firefighters battled to douse the flames.

According to police, a “fire bomb” from the explosion severely destroyed Tambo Memorial Hospital, which is roughly 100 meters (110 yards) away. According to Minister of Health Joe Phaahla, three hospital employees died.

He claimed that the hospital’s emergency room and X-ray department had suffered serious damage.

According to witnesses who spoke to the news website News24, locals who had gathered to view the flaming vehicle fled from the explosion, some with their clothes charred off. Though some were later transported to other hospitals in the Johannesburg area, at least 321 injured persons were brought to the damaged hospital.

According to officials, the explosion also caused damage to a number of homes and automobiles.

Local Rolf Bjornstad described the explosion to News24 as “a fireball in the sky.”

The heat was leaking into the residence. I considered my wife, kids, and aiding those who were impacted,” he stated.

According to officials, the tanker truck was traveling from the South African port of Richards Bay in the Indian Ocean to Botswana in order to deliver liquefied petroleum gas, which is used for heating and cooking in homes and businesses. Why the tanker was on a side road rather than a straight local route was a topic of discussion.

The event will be looked into, according to Tania Campbell, mayor of the municipality of Ekurhuleni, which encompasses Boksburg.

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