21-year-old Woman Adamaruis Garcia Missing In Queens

Police are looking for a young Queens woman who vanished on New Year’s Eve while returning from work. Even though Adamaruis Garcia, often known as “Yuri,” is just 4 feet 11 inches tall, her loved ones believe her personality is as big as life. She is a brilliant light in every room.

According to her uncle Cesar Robles, “She is like my daughter.”

Garcia’s mother claims that on New Year’s Eve, the 21-year-old worked her regular weekend shift at Rue 57 in Midtown, finished at 9 p.m., spent some time hanging out with friends, and then, at around 11 p.m., a friend who was with her claims that Garcia boarded the N train and began traveling to Queens.

“Normally, she doesn’t exit at Queensboro Plaza. Transfers are not performed by her. She typically only uses the R, “Tannia Illescas, a cousin, claimed.

It takes roughly five minutes to walk there from the R line. Police are looking into whether she left the station on foot.

Samantha Robles, a cousin, stated, “We still have stories pouring in and out, and we don’t know which one to go with.”

Family relatives claim her phone’s battery was low when she said goodbye to her friend at the Queensboro Plaza station. She has changed since then.

She told her lover to meet her at her family’s apartment in one of the final conversations she had with him, but according to her mother, she never did.

Garcia was last seen on New Year’s Eve sporting a black dress and black and white sneakers.

Amada Robles, Garcia’s mother, said that her family is becoming more worried by the minute.

She said, “I adore you, Yuri. “I’m really anxious,” you say.

When they learned she was gone, family members hurried from Pennsylvania, and more were on their way.

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