29-year-old Woman Charged After Allegedly Posing As A Student At New Jersey High School

29-year-old Woman Charged After Allegedly Posing As A Student At New Jersey High School: After reportedly filing phony documents, a 29-year-old New Jersey woman pretended to be a high school student for several days, according to school administrators and police.

The event was disclosed during a Tuesday evening meeting of the New Brunswick School Board.

Superintendent of New Brunswick Public Schools Aubrey Johnson stated at the conference that the woman attended New Brunswick High School for four days last week before staff discovered the “ruse.” She was prohibited from using district property, and “all the necessary authorities were immediately informed,” according to Johnson.

It’s unfortunate, he added, adding.

Hyejeong Shin, a resident of New Brunswick, was charged on Tuesday with one count of supplying a fake government document with the aim of verifying someone’s identity or age, according to the New Brunswick Police Department.

In order to enroll as a student at a juvenile high school, Ms. Shin specifically gave a phony birth certificate to the New Brunswick Board of Education, according to a statement from the police.

In New Jersey, students can enroll in classes provisionally and have 30 days to prove their identity before they are barred from attending sessions.

After reportedly providing fake documents last week, the woman was granted provisional admission to the high school, according to Johnson. The “deception” was detected by staff employees during their background checks, he claimed.

Johnson added that school administrators got in touch with any pupils who could have run into the bogus student.

“We have instructed our kids to avoid future communication with her, whether online or in person,” he stated.

The district would review its enrollment procedures in light of the event to “better look for fraudulent papers,” he added.

According to ABC News, the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office is not actively looking into the event.

A request for additional information regarding the incident, including a potential motive, was not immediately answered by the New Brunswick Police Department.

ABC News was unable to get in touch with Shin or a lawyer speaking for her.

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