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2nd Arrest In School Shooting; Suspect Identified

2nd Arrest In School Shooting; Suspect Identified

2nd Arrest In School Shooting; Suspect Identified

According to Philadelphia police, a second suspect has been apprehended in connection with the tragic shooting that occurred near Roxborough High School.

A 17-year-old named Zyhied Jones was arrested on Thursday morning at around 6 a.m.

In the 2700 block of West Albert Street, the Philadelphia Police Homicide Unit and the ATF executed a warrant and apprehended him.

2nd Arrest In School Shooting; Suspect Identified

According to the police, nobody got hurt during the warrant serve.

Jones faces charges of murder as well as four counts of aggravated assault.

Yaaseen Bivins, 21, was apprehended on Wednesday, according to the official announcement.

As a result of the shooting late last month, he was additionally charged with murder and four counts of aggravated assault.

“We have reason to suspect he had some involvement in the murder. He’s one of the six people you saw leap off the moving vehicle “According to what Vanore had to say.

Nico Elizalde, 14, was shot and murdered in Havertown, Pennsylvania, and four other teens were injured.

According to the police, Elizalde was likely not a primary target.

Bivins was linked to the shooting because, according to the police, a receipt for ammunition was discovered in the Ford Escape used in the incident.

A name was on the receipt, so it wasn’t too difficult to figure out, as Vanore put it.

After a street racing in North Philadelphia in July 2020 ended in tragedy when Bivins’ SUV rear-ended another vehicle and subsequently struck a pregnant woman resting on a wall, killing the baby and badly wounding the woman, he was in jail awaiting punishment at the time of the shooting.

After a crash in which an unborn child was killed, a judge in August found Bivins guilty of aggravated assault by car. A jury found him not guilty of third-degree murder and conspiracy.

Additionally, 16-year-old Dayron Burney-Thorn has had charges filed against him.

Burney-Thorne was not the second person arrested on Thursday morning, according to the police. Still at large.

Vanore claims additional arrests are on the horizon.

“The hunt is on for you. What we’re trying to avoid is for things to finish the way they did this morning, and if you give yourself in, that won’t happen “According to Vanore. He was alluding to the shooting of three Philadelphia SWAT officers early Wednesday morning as they attempted to serve a warrant in the city’s North Philadelphia neighborhood. In such case, the suspect was gunned down.


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