3 People Shot Show Up At Indy Hospitals Saturday Night

3 People Shot Show Up At Indy Hospitals Saturday Night: On Saturday evening, three individuals who had been shot presented themselves to hospitals in Indianapolis within a span of thirty minutes of one another.

IMPD reported at 10:30 p.m. that two people who had been shot had been sent to Eskenazi Hospital for treatment. According to the information provided by IMPD, one of those victims was stated to be in serious condition while the other was stable.

Another person who had been shot arrived at IU Health Methodist Hospital a little before 11 o’clock, which is less than half an hour after the first victim. The IMPD said that the individual in question was “alive and breathing.”

The police have not confirmed where the first gunshot or shootings took place, nor have they stated whether they believe all three persons were hurt in the same shooting or whether they suspect all three people were injured in the same shooting.

This is a developing story, and any new information that becomes available will result in an update to this post.

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