5 Children Among 8 Family Members Shot To Death In Southwest Utah Home

5 Children Among 8 Family Members Shot To Death In Southwest Utah Home: Three adults and five children were found shot to death inside a residence in a remote area of southwest Utah on Wednesday, according to officials.

According to a news statement from Enoch City officials, officers were called to do a welfare check at a residence in the city, which is located about 245 miles south of Salt Lake City, when they discovered the gunshot deaths. According to the announcement, all of the deceased were discovered inside the house.

City officials stressed that there are no suspects still at large despite the fact that the investigation is still underway and they don’t see any continued danger to the public.

The death of the family is being mourned, according to Rob Dotson, the manager of Enoch City.

The emotions that are flowing through the residents of this place are difficult to put into words, according to Dotson. “This family is one that we are all familiar with. Many of us have served with them in the community, at church, and at schools.

Therefore, this community is in need right now. They are suffering and feeling a sense of loss. Naturally, kids have many questions, and they are here to help, said Dotson.

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When the fatalities occurred and what sparked the shootings are unknown according to officials. They also didn’t say how the family members were related to one another.

Officials also declined to say when or to whom the welfare check was requested, and it’s unknown what caused the call.

Dotson remarked that it will take some time to ascertain what took place inside the house. To obtain answers, he said, investigators from Iron County, Enoch City, and Cedar City are collaborating.

“We won’t know the attitudes, the sentiments, of the people who went through this tragedy. But we can all pray that their families and the locals will be able to comprehend what took transpired, most likely within a day or two or perhaps longer,” Dotson said.

Spencer Cox, the governor of Utah, urged everyone to pray for the Enoch community.

In a tweet on Wednesday, Cox expressed his sympathy for everyone impacted by the senseless violence.

What a tragedy,” wrote Utah Lt. Governor Deidre Henderson in a tweet in which she also expressed her sympathy. Tonight, I’m praying for the Enochian neighborhood.

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