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6 Stabbed At Paris Train Station, Attacker Shot By Police

6 Stabbed At Paris Train Station, Attacker Shot By Police

6 Stabbed At Paris Train Station, Attacker Shot By Police

6 Stabbed At Paris Train Station, Attacker Shot By Police: During Wednesday’s morning rush hour at a Paris train station, a man attacked and shot at least six people, according to officials, before being shot by the police.

According to French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin, during a press conference, the attack started at Gare du Nord around 6:42 a.m. local time. He claimed that after doing a night shift, unofficial police officers shot the suspect.

Immediately following the attack, Darmanin arrived at the station. The suspected attacker allegedly hurt multiple persons before being “easily subdued,” he stated earlier on Twitter.

Darmanin wrote, “I’m grateful to the police for their prompt, brave, and successful response.

Using a “bladed weapon,” the suspect attacked a number of individuals, including a police officer, according to Darmanin, who was present at the scene alongside Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo. In a hospital, he claimed, the unidentified attacker was currently “between life and death.” He was shot in the chest, according to French media.

According to officials, the injured included a border policeman and a number of passengers. The attacker stabbed the cop in the back, but Darmanin claimed that the officer’s bulletproof vest averted significant injuries.

According to French media, five of the victims had minor injuries, while one had a major shoulder blade injury and was rushed for emergency care.

According to officials, one of the cops who shot the suspect was a security guard employed by SNCF, France’s main state-owned railroad.

At the Gare du Nord train station in Paris, after at least six people were injured by a man on January 11, 2023, French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin (C) speaks with the press alongside Junior Minister for Transportations Clement Beaune (L), Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo (4thL), and Paris Police Prefect Laurent Nunez (2ndL).

Reporters were informed by Darmanin that the attacker seems to have constructed his own weapon. Earlier, according to authorities, the suspect had a knife.

According to Darmanin, the matter is under criminal investigation. The nation’s national anti-terrorism prosecutor’s office also declared at the time that it is “examining the facts” regarding the attack, according to CNN.

Currently, police have not cited any particular motive, including terrorism. France is still uneasy after a string of horrific incidents since 2015.

The Eurostar train arrives in Gare du Nord, one of the biggest commuter stations in the French capital, opening a key route to the continent’s northern regions.

Paris’s Gare du Nord railway station is patrolled by police on January 11, 2023. Prior to being shot by police, a knife attacker inflicted six injuries in an unprovoked attack in the busy Gare du Nord railway station in Paris on Wednesday morning, according to the French interior minister.

The Eurostar terminal entry was surrounded by scores of police, who were crowded nearby in areas that were closed off to the general public, as seen on video from the Gare du Nord.

According to SNCF, the disturbance severely disrupted train services at the station on Wednesday morning.

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