Police say Southern California 7-Eleven shootings May Be Linked

Two 7-Eleven shop robberies that left two people dead on Monday are being investigated by many police departments in the greater Los Angeles area.

Two incidents at 7-Eleven outlets in Brea and La Habra, California, may be linked, police say. According to the Brea Police Department’s release of photographic evidence, police in Santa Ana think the same suspected gunman is responsible for an earlier robbery-homicide in the city. A fourth robbery has been reported in Riverside.

Brea police officers arrived at a 7-Eleven call at 4:18 a.m. on July 11 and discovered a dead male victim with a gunshot wound, according to the department. Officers from the La Habra Police Department were called to a 7-Eleven at 4:55 am, where they found two people with gunshot wounds.

Capt. Philip Rodriguez of the Brea and La Habra police departments said, “At this time, we would tell you that we feel, not 100% positive, but we feel confident that it is the same person” in a joint press conference.

Detectives from various cities were in contact, according to Capt. Rodriguez. He said they were aware of other incidences at 7-Elevens and didn’t know whether they were all connected.

Located immediately east of Los Angeles County, La Habra and Brea are two cities in Orange County. A 30-mile drive east of Brea brings you to Riverside. Santa Ana, a city in Orange County, is about 10 miles south of Brea and La Habra and also in Orange County.

California 7-Eleven shootings

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their loved ones. 7-Eleven Inc. stated that they were “collecting information and collaborating with local law enforcement” in the wake of the tragic accident.

A heist at a 7-Eleven in Riverside, California, occurred at about 1:50 a.m. on Monday. As Riverside police officer Ryan J. Railsback explains, they discovered a victim who had been shot and was in critical condition at the time.

A lone suspect entered the business, pointed a weapon at a clerk, and then robbed the store clerk,” according to the detectives. When he was finished robbing the store, he shot a customer inside and escaped on foot,” Officer Railsback reported.

“We’re not saying it’s not related, we just haven’t been able to make the connection yet,” he said when asked if Riverside police believe the two shootings are connected.

Police in Santa Ana, California, were called to a 7-Eleven at 3:23 am on the morning of the attack. A robbery and a fatal gunshot wound were located in the area where the body was found, according to authorities.

It looks to be the same culprit in our case, according to Sgt. Maria Lopez of the Santa Ana Police Department.

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