7 Of 48 Meal-fraud Suspects Are Incarcerated

Sherburne County Jail now houses only seven of the 48 people charged in connection with the Feeding Our Future meal fraud operation.

People like Abdiaziz Farah and Mohamed Ismail, who were accused of trying to flee the country using fake passports, are among them.

7 Of 48 Meal-fraud Suspects Are Incarcerated.
7 Of 48 Meal-fraud Suspects Are Incarcerated.

Mekfira Hussein, who, according to a fresh criminal complaint, had booked a one-way travel to Ethiopia for Tuesday night, is also among those in custody.

It is alleged that Hussein stole $6.8 million from a federal lunch program and spent very little of it on actual food for children.

Hussein registered her organization, Shamsia Hopes, with the federal child nutrition program Feeding our Future will sponsor beginning in October 2020.

From her Brookdale Drive site in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, she said she helped five thousand kids every day, every week.

After conducting site visits in July 2021, the Minnesota Department of Education contacted Feeding Our Future Director Aimee Bock to report that “no signage” had been installed and that no one at the location appeared to be aware of a food program.

The criminal complaint states that Hussein purchased a Porsche for $93,000 in addition to other vehicles.

She is also alleged to have transferred funds to other fictitious accounts.

Hussein’s husband was listed as the owner of one of the accounts, which was supposedly for the food business Oromia Feeds.

According to the indictments, Hussein paid Feeding Our Future staffer Abdikerm Eidleh more than $80,000 in kickbacks, although Eidleh is no longer in the country, as reported by the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Eidleh is one of three defendants who eluded capture by the FBI or left the country.

Some of the suspects now in custody will have detention hearings at the Minneapolis federal courthouse on Thursday.