8 Dead In Tulsa House Fire; Homicide Suspected

On Thursday, authorities said they discovered the bodies of eight people inside a burning home in the Tulsa region.

The blaze broke out on Thursday afternoon about 4 o’clock in a peaceful neighborhood of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, which is located 13 miles (20 kilometers) southeast of Tulsa.

8 Dead In Tulsa House Fire; Homicide Suspected
8 Dead In Tulsa House Fire; Homicide Suspected

Although the fire and fatalities are being investigated as homicides, authorities in Broken Arrow have stated that they do not perceive any immediate threat to the public.

Ethan Hutchins, a spokesman for the police, said that the scene was complicated and involved “a lot of moving pieces,” thus additional details were not being given at this time. Although Hutchins stated that the remains had not been positively identified, witnesses had told police that a family of eight, including two parents and six children, had lived in the residence.

“Broken Arrow is, to put it mildly, taken aback by this. The city has a very low crime rate. A circumstance like this doesn’t arise in Broken Arrow very often, as Hutchins put it.

Catelin Powers stated that she and her children were driving when they noticed a plume of smoke near her home.

She later told The Associated Press, “When I got closer to the house, I saw smoke shooting out from the very top of the house, which appeared like maybe the attic.”

According to Powers, two men and a lady talking on the phone were waiting outside the home when a third man came walking out the front door carrying what seemed to be an unconscious, unresponsive woman. She described her as having “flopped arms,” meaning that her arms were at her sides.

Depending on how you look at it, “she was either in very short shorts or underwear and a tight shirt,” as Power put it. The woman “appeared maybe to be mid-twenties,” she said, because of her tanned skin.

Powers claims that she left the scene because she thought the woman was dead and didn’t want her children to see it.

With almost 115,000 people calling it home, Broken Arrow is Tulsa’s largest suburb.

He also mentioned that the ATF was involved in the probe.


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