8-Year-Old Kid Shot And Killed In Central City

The shooting of an eight-year-old boy inside his own house is being investigated by police. He later passed away at UMC. When his brothers were living at home, it also occurred.

Early on Wednesday morning, it was a depressing scene. They called Neon, a little brother and sister who had his blood on their hands and clothing. He wasn’t breathing, they say as they sob, and CPR was attempted.

Around 11:00 on Wednesday morning, the 6th district police received the call. Police discovered the boy inside his home in the 3200 block of Second Street inside a fourplex in Central City.

The initial report of the incident indicated that a stray bullet may have entered through the exterior wall and struck the youngster in the belly, but authorities currently have more questions than answers.

According to NOPD Superintendent Shaun Ferguson, “it is something that the detectives are looking at, but there are a lot of unresolved things that we really have to go through before we can really definitively determine whether or not that is what transpired, or if something else occurred.”

As detectives and the child abuse section examine the available information, additional concerns arise.

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“We are unsure if this was intentionally caused. Whether this was an accident is unknown. We are unsure if this was done on purpose. I can only confirm that there were no reports of gunfire being fired in this block.

It was a heartbreaking scene. The young boy’s teenage sister could be heard sobbing that she couldn’t be without her siblings and wished she had been the one to depart because her little brother had been so joyful the night before. Because her mother was all she had, she also begged the cops not to take her.

The children said that their mother was restrained.

“We currently have a few people in custody and being questioned. I think one of the people being questioned is the mother,” stated Ferguson.

According to police, neither the weapon nor a suspect has been located.

“Right now, we really don’t have much. So, we’re simply asking the neighborhood if anyone knows anything that can help us find the truth and provide us some type of closure over what actually happened this morning. We would be very appreciative.

Later, three social workers showed up at the site to speak with the family and those upset kids.

Children up to the age of 21 can get counseling at the Children’s Hospital’s Trauma and Grief (TAG) Center.

504- 658-5300 to provide any information to NOPD.

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