A 4-year-old Child Was Reported Missing When Her Sister Was Discovered Wandering Alone, Her Caretaker Was Arrested

Police in Oklahoma has detained the caregiver of a 4-year-old girl who was reported missing after a postal worker discovered her sister alone outside on Tuesday, according to the authorities.

When the postal worker discovered her 5-year-old sister and alerted police, local officials started looking for Athena Brownfield on Tuesday afternoon, according to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, which is also helping with the hunt.

According to the agency, Alysia Adams, 31, was detained on two counts of child neglect on Thursday afternoon. When the 5-year-old was discovered alone outside of Adams and her husband’s Cyril house, the two sisters were apparently under their care, according to the authorities.

At this time, authorities have declined to comment on the circumstances surrounding how Adams and her husband came to be the children’s main caregivers or whether any other arrests will be made in the case.

Athena’s whereabouts are still being sought after.

The agency stated on Thursday that “the investigation regarding her whereabouts is active and ongoing.”

A missing and endangered person notice was issued by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol on Wednesday to residents within a 15-mile radius of Cyril, which is situated about 70 miles southwest of Oklahoma City.

According to Brook Arbeitman, a representative for the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, law enforcement is trying to determine precisely when Athena was last seen.

Arbeitman stated that it is “still to be determined” if the child has suffered physical injury, despite the fact that she is currently thought to be in danger.

At a news conference on Wednesday, Arbeitman told the assembled journalists, “She’s a tiny child, she’s missing, and she’s on her own in the elements.”

According to Arbeitman, her sister is currently in state protective custody and didn’t need any medical attention.

Soldiers from Fort Sill and the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children are two organizations helping with the hunt, according to Arbeitman. On Wednesday, state police used sonar to scan the waters near and surrounding Cyril. The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs has also used drones and search dogs from their department to aid in the search.

According to authorities, volunteers also contributed to the grid search, which included searching unoccupied homes and nearby waterways.

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