A 5-Month-Old Boy From Ohio Was Found Safe Three Days After He Was Kidnapped

Kason Thomas, a 5-month-old infant who had been stolen three days prior in Columbus, Ohio, was located unharmed in the parking lot of a Papa John’s restaurant in Indianapolis on Thursday evening, according to the local police.

Nalah Jackson, 24, the woman who is accused of kidnapping Kason, was taken into custody only a few hours before he was discovered.

It is believed that Jackson took a Honda Accord from the parking lot of a Donatos Pizza while Kason’s mother was inside the establishment picking up an order for DoorDash delivery.

Near approximately 4:45 in the morning on Tuesday, Kyair Thomas was located abandoned but unharmed at the Dayton International Airport, which is approximately 70 miles west of the Donatos Pizza.

On Thursday, Kason was discovered wearing the same clothes as before and sitting in the vehicle that had been taken.

According to a tweet from the Columbus Division of Police, the little boy, who is just five months old, is in good health and is currently being transferred to a hospital for examination.

There was an initial lack of clarity regarding the charges that Jackson will be up against.

At a news conference held on Thursday evening, the twins’ paternal grandmother, Fonda Thomas, shared her joy with other members of the twins’ extended family.

According to the Columbus Dispatch, Thomas expressed his emotions by saying, “My tears have transformed into excitement.” “The presents that were given to my grandkids will be opened at the same time. No one ever wishes the other person was there while they are by themselves. I’m really happy. I’m really grateful.”

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