A 5-year-old Boy With Stage 4 Cancer Receives A Memorable Christmas In Atwater

Angel is a name that fits the 5-year-old youngster who has always faced challenges.

Angel Richardson underwent a heart reconstruction at the age of three after being born with several heart abnormalities. He was identified as having stage 4 neuroblastoma cancer on December 1, 2020.

Angel’s grandmother, Stacia Richardson, said that this was the first Christmas they had spent at home in two years. “The past Christmas we were in and out of the hospital,” his mother recalls. “The first Christmas after he was diagnosed we were trapped in an ICU and he wasn’t supposed to make it through the night on Christmas like he wasn’t going to survive it.”

His grandmother’s realtor wanted to make this year special for him because it was his first Christmas in three years spent at home and not in the hospital.

She remarked, “On Sunday, we had the most incredible vehicle parade. Easily 100 vehicles.

Her realtor set up a private Christmas skate with Santa Claus at a nearby ice skating rink in Atwater last Thursday, which was closed to the public.

It was truly and magically for him, according to Richardson. “I just, you know, cancer families we always talk about it being a big community of we love each other and we help take care of each other but this… None of these people that came, these were just people in our community that heard the call for helping a little boy who can’t enjoy Christmas like most people and they answered the call,” she said.

Since Angel’s parents aren’t involved in his life, his grandmother has supported him through every stage for the past five years.

Richardson stated, “Cancer with a toddler is very, really terrible, but all he wants to do is laugh and play and have a good time.” “With his personality, he’s made caring for him through all these sick moments a whole lot easier.”

His grandma, who herself has battled cancer three times, said it’s difficult to see him in such agony.

Richardson responded, “Because a three, four, or five-year-old young child shouldn’t know all of the things that he knows. “Should not be familiar with the suffering, anxiety, or illness that he is familiar with. He frequently experiences leg and stomach discomfort, to the point where he frequently finds himself rolling about on the ground while screaming and sobbing in agony.”

Angel has stage 4 cancer, and his grandparents only hope he may have Christmases like this every year as long as he keeps fighting. Angel is frequently in and out of the hospital due to his illness.

She declared, “We’re not going to give up on him, and he’s not going to give up either.

Angel adores letters, so if you want to send him one this holiday season, please send it to:

Merced, California, 95340, 1519 Oregon Dr.

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