A California Man Was Arrested After Reportedly Punching A Fast-food Worker And Causing Her To Lose An Eye

Officials announced on Monday that a man from California had been detained in connection with the vicious assault on a fast-food worker who lost an eye while defending a child with special needs.

According to the Antioch Police Department, San Francisco resident Isaac White-Carter, 20, was detained in neighboring Hayward for the attack that happened inside a Habit Burger in Antioch last month.

Police stated the woman, later identified as 19-year-old Bianca Palomera, took many punches to the face before losing her right eye as a result of the attack. A youngster with an intellectual handicap who was allegedly being bullied by the suspect was the target of Palomera’s defense.

“My life was totally destroyed by it. There are many obstacles to overcome, but I must do so “Following the White arrest, Carter spoke to KTVU.

According to authorities, White-Carter might be charged with felonies like mayhem and aggravated assault.

Despite urgent procedures, physicians were unable to save Palomera’s sight. Since then, she has been given a prosthetic eye, according to authorities and her family.

In a video statement shared on Facebook, Antioch Mayor Lamar Thorpe said that he would convene a special meeting on December 13 to award Palomera with the key to the city in recognition of her “heroic efforts” in defending the youngster.

The mayor claimed that all Bianca was doing was advocating for a child with special needs. “Bianca is a hero in my eyes.”

Despite the difficulties she now encounters, Palomera informed the station that she now intends to enroll in school in order to pursue a profession in medicine.

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