A Car Killed A Teen Pedestrian On I-29 South Of Fargo

A teenage female pedestrian was struck and killed by a car early on Sunday morning in southern Cass County while walking in the passing lane of Interstate 29.

At around 5:47 a.m. on Sunday, a woman in her 19th year was standing in the southbound passing lane when she was struck by a 2014 Chevrolet Malibu driven by a guy in his 20th year. According to the North Dakota Highway Patrol, the man and the female passenger, who was 20 years old, walked away from the collision unscathed.

The driver tried to avoid hitting the pedestrian by using the brakes and steering to the left, but they were unsuccessful, and the vehicle ended up slamming into the median close to mile marker 51. On the spot, a death verdict was given for the pedestrian.

The names and whereabouts of those engaged have not been made public. The Highway Patrol reported that the road conditions were dry and that the weather conditions were dark and clear. Between mile marks 50 and 54 on southbound Interstate 29, a closure lasted approximately three hours.

The inquiry into the crash is still ongoing. There have been no charges brought forward.

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