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A Kansas Man Is Accused Of Kidnapping A Nebraska Woman Who Was Last Seen At Her Home

A Kansas Man Is Accused Of Kidnapping A Nebraska Woman 

A Kansas Man Is Accused Of Kidnapping A Nebraska Woman 

According to a Friday article from Omaha World-Herald, authorities issued an arrest warrant on Wednesday for Aldrick Scott, 47, accusing him of kidnapping Cari Allen, 43.

When Law&Crime asked the Nebraskan Douglas County Sheriff’s Office for information on the whereabouts of the suspect and the missing woman, they did not react right away. Allen, a local resident of Omaha, was reportedly last seen on November 19 around 11 p.m. At her residence, which is close to 168th and Blondo Streets.

Investigators spent nearly three hours driving to Topeka, Kansas, in search of her. There, they found her. They looked through the house.

According to the World-Herald, scanner traffic indicated that a 911 call about Scott killing his girlfriend was made on Monday. The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office just stated that the girlfriend was involved in a case involving a missing person; no other information was provided.

On Wednesday, a car was reportedly hauled away by authorities from Allen’s house.

He is also accused of being an accessory to a crime.

Allen, a father of a son, worked for Vodec, a company that offers services to those with impairments.

A statement on their Facebook page read, “Cari Allen was the first supervisor of our Elm program in Omaha, Nebraska.” She served as the focal point of the pioneering initiative at the time. Many of us in the disability community adores her. She should return safely, we hope.

According to Vodec CEO Steve Hodapp, “the parents all believed that she was too young, too small, and too inexperienced, and they just learned to love her.” “I think she really truly softened their hearts.”

Clarion Campbell said, “At first, I was stunned that anything would happen to Cari, and then I was outraged because she’s such a good person. She was identified as a former coworker by the outlet. “How could she have experienced this?”

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