A Man Dies While Trying to Help His Girlfriend in the Santa Barbara Wilderness

A search party finally located the body of a Ventura man who had gone missing after leaving his fiancée behind to seek medical attention for heat exhaustion in the foothills of southern Santa Barbara County on Thursday morning.

Tim Sgrignoli, 29, was discovered dead in his apartment around 9:30 a.m. Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s officials report that a shooting occurred on Thursday afternoon along Highway 101 near Gaviota State Park.

 A Man Dies While Trying to Help His Girlfriend in the Santa Barbara Wilderness

A Man Dies While Trying to Help His Girlfriend in the Santa Barbara Wilderness

According to Santa Barbara County Fire Department spokesman Captain Scott Safechuck, Sgrignoli’s girlfriend suffered from heat exhaustion while hiking with him on Sunday.

The Ventura guy abandoned his fiancée in an attempt to obtain aid, prompting a search for him after fire fighters in Santa Barbara County spotted and rescued her.

Trespass Trail is a popular but tough 6-mile hike that winds through the hills above Gaviota, and the two were hiking along it. The trail is frequented by sightseers because to its ocean vista, cave formations, and hot spring, although getting lost is not out of the question.

Attempts to locate Sgrignoli in the mountains above Gaviota State Park were made by law enforcement, search and rescue volunteers, and county fire personnel for four days.
The hunt for the missing guy included the employment of ATVs, scent-sniffing dogs, and cadaver dogs. They also looked into the contradictory allegations that he had been observed walking on the roadway and was probably picked up from the shoulder.

Safechuck estimated that 60 individuals helped in the search, which was aided by chopper and unmanned aerial vehicle technology.

Safechuck said on Monday that the search would be transferred to the jurisdiction of the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office; however, he did not provide any further details as to why this was happening.

At 3:30 p.m. This past Thursday, Raquel Zick, the Sheriff’s Office’s public information officer, made the announcement that Sgrignoli’s body had been discovered between the trail and the highway.

His death is still being investigated, but according to Zick, suspicious circumstances are not being considered.

According to Zick, the high temperatures were a factor in his demise. When he went missing it was hot, perhaps in the upper 90s.

The CDC reports that with the right measures in place, heat-related diseases can be avoided. Avoiding strenuous outdoor activity when temperatures are high, staying well hydrated, and being aware are all effective ways to avoid heat exhaustion and heat stroke.