A Man From Andover Was Given A Prison Sentence For Hiding A Dead Man In A Doghouse

On Thursday, a man from Andover Township who admitted that he was on a multi-day drug bender when he and another man hid the dead body of a Hopatcong man in a doghouse was given a sentence of six years in state prison. The man had previously attended New York University and was a graduate student there.

The sentencing of Brian Cheda Hackembruch, the second of two men involved in an illegal drug-fueled decision to flee to another state after covering the body with garbage bags under a deck outside of a Sussex County home, closed out the final chapter in a case that had remained unresolved since 2021 as prosecutors considered heftier charges against the duo.

The case had been unresolved since 2021 because prosecutors were considering heftier charges against the duo.

Cheda Hackembruch and his co-defendant Matthew Thomas’ callous participation in the death of the victim’s son “will never be forgotten,” according to the victim’s mother. “Had they done the right thing, had they called 911, my son could be alive today,” she said, adding that her son’s death “will never be forgotten.

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