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A Rare Birth Defect Causes A Dog To Have A Permanently Shocked Expression

A Rare Birth Defect Causes A Dog To Have A Permanently Shocked Expression

A Rare Birth Defect Causes A Dog To Have A Permanently Shocked Expression

An internet sensation is a dog with a congenital abnormality that causes her to appear surprised all the time. Her facial muscles grew higher up her skull than usual as a result of Belle becoming stuck in the birth canal, giving her a unique appearance.

On November 15, owner Lieschen O’Neill uploaded a video about Belle to TikTok. Since then, the video has received more than 1 million likes and has been viewed more than 5 million times; as a result, the “100% good girl” has made a lot of new friends.

Dogs with impairments are still ignored at shelters, despite the fact that pet adoption rates increased at the height of the COVID outbreak. Animals with additional needs, geriatric pets, or black dogs and cats are examples of “less adoptable” pets, according to Four Paws International (as they are believed to be “bad luck”).

Adopting a crippled dog can be rewarding, but prospective owners should consider the animal’s long-term care requirements in order to provide them with the best life possible, according to Dr. Jeff Smith, medical director at Danville Family Vet in Virginia.

He told Newsweek that physically challenged dogs could struggle with stairs and slick surfaces.

“You will need to take into account the physical layout of your house, and if it’s a huge dog, you need to consider how tiring it will be to constantly lift and assist them.

The expense of drugs and veterinary care may increase if the dog has a chronic medical problem. Typically, the dog will have undergone a number of medical procedures at the time of adoption, allowing an approximate prediction of future costs.

The video clip by O’Neill depicts Belle going about her daily activities. The dog’s condition and some additional information about her personality are included in the video captions.

Let’s tell your tale, Belle. You have a lot of new fans, so let’s,” O’Neill wrote.

“First off, why do your eyes have that appearance? Your veterinarian claims that as a result of getting caught in the birth canal, your facial muscles have developed slightly further back in your skull.

“You’re just a little bit different, but you’re fine.”

O’Neill told Newsweek that while Belle’s face has developed differently from other canines’, it is generally healthy.

She answered, “We do put drops in her eyes. She has no trouble totally closing her eyes, and her blinking is perfect.

When O’Neill and her husband visited the Lawrence Humane Society in Kansas in 2017, Belle, who is now 5 years old, entered their life.

She said, “My husband really wanted to have a puppy for his 30th birthday.”

When we opened the door, Belle greeted us by running to the far end of the kennel.

She was a puppy at the time, full of wiggles and enthusiasm. She leaped into my lap, licked my face, and essentially claimed us as her humans as soon as we got her into a little space to get to know her.

The following day, the couple left with Belle, who was “prancing around the house as if she had always been there,” after falling in love with her.

In addition to sleeping on the steps, peering out the front window, and barking at squirrels, Belle spends her days racing about her backyard.

Her favorite toys are balls, which she enjoys kicking, lugging around, pouncing on, and losing beneath the couch, according to O’Neill.

She imitates the siren-like hound when she hears one, walking in a circle.

People frequently comment about Belle’s appearance, according to O’Neill, but they typically do it out of curiosity rather than malice.

She stated, “When people meet her, they frequently comment on her incredibly fascinating eyes. “Belle is quite outgoing, and she enjoys meeting new people and forming friendships.”

Belle was characterized by O’Neill in the tape as “50% cattle hound, 50% Doberman, and 100% good girl,” and TikTok users couldn’t get enough of her.

Ellie vvv remarked, “She is perfect.

Stefanie Bloom concurred, exclaiming, “She is so cute.

Not to seem hyperbolic, but Kellyann wrote, “I would give my life for her.”

“That wagging tail is just validation for how happy and loved she is,” stated Pain2Consciousness.

Thankfully, Belle isn’t the only disabled dog who has found a loving home. In 2021, a video showing a one-eyed rescue dog learning she had been adopted made users of TikTok cry, and an Oakland local revealed to Newsweek how she had been able to save and care for over 100 rescue dogs.

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