A Riviera Beach Man Was Sentenced To Eight Years In Prison For The Death Of A Toddler

After entering a guilty plea and admitting responsibility for the aggravated child abuse that led to the death of a toddler in West Palm Beach in 2018, a man from Riviera Beach was handed an eight-year prison sentence.

West Palm Beach police investigators alleged that Octavious Wiggins beat Jeremiah Malachi Bradshaw, the 23-month-old son of his girlfriend, with a belt on November 1, 2018, causing injuries that resulted in the child’s death a little over three weeks later. This allegation was made at the time of Wiggins’ arrest in 2019, which took place in West Palm Beach.

The hearing took place on January 30 before Circuit Judge Caroline Shepherd at the Palm Beach County Courthouse in West Palm Beach. Wiggins, who is now 32 years old, entered the plea during the hearing. The Palm Beach County State Attorney’s Office decided not to pursue a second allegation of aggravated manslaughter in connection with the death of a child.
Jeremiah, who was a toddler at the time, reportedly received a spanking from Wiggins after falling in the road. Jeremiah’s mother, Stephanie Robinson, stated to the investigators that she left the toddler in Wiggins’ care for approximately thirty minutes and discovered the boy to be in a distressed state when she returned to check on him.

Robinson reported that Wiggins told her that when he was reprimanding the youngster with a belt, he “passed out” in the middle of the act of discipline. After some time had passed, Robinson was taken into custody on a charge of child negligence. According to the allegations made by the police, Robinson had neglected to provide a secure environment for her kid. She has entered a plea of not guilty, and the trial is still ongoing.

According to the investigators, Robinson disobeyed a restraining order that prohibited Wiggins from having any contact with the minor child. In June of 2018, Jeremiah sustained a broken arm, which prompted Robinson and the Florida Department of Children and Families to jointly file the petition for a restraining order.

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