A Teacher Was Killed While Attempting To Save Students From A School Shooter Who Killed A Girl

According to her father, 15-year-old Alexzandria was eager to visit Los Angeles to celebrate her Sweet 16. And Kuczka, 61, was preparing to retire from teaching after a lengthy, brilliant career, according to her daughter.

However, a shooting spree at Central Visual and Performing Arts High School in St. Louis on Monday shattered their hopes and tore apart the families of the victims.

A 19-year-old man who was armed with an AR-15-style rifle, more than 600 rounds of ammunition, and more than a dozen high-capacity magazines, according to authorities, carried out at least 67 shootings on US school campuses this year. He died after engaging police in a gunfight.

Alexzandria’s father, Andre Bell, told CNN affiliate KSDK, “My daughter was planning to come out here to California and celebrate her birthday with me on November 18.”

A Teacher Was Killed While Attempting To Save Students From A School Shooter Who Killed A Girl

Kuczka died defending her students, according to a colleague.

One student turned to me and exclaimed, “They shot Ms. Kuczka,” as parents scrambled to get the kids out of the school. Then, Kristie Faulstich, claimed that Ms. Kuczka had stood between the shooter and the students.

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According to Alexis Allen-Brown, she was not shocked to find that one of her favorite high school teachers had died while attempting to save her pupils.

The moment Allen-Brown learned the news, she stated, “the only thing I could think about was how much she cared about the pupils.” She intended to save those infants.

Sincere motivating sayings like “Before you are anything else, you are a human” were frequently used by Kuczka. Additionally, every person is deserving of respect, Faulstich said.

According to her biography on the school’s website, Kuczka had been employed at Central VPA High School since 2008. “I believe that every child is a unique human being and deserves a chance to learn,” she wrote on it.

Allen-Brown, who is now in her 20s, said Kuczka has been successful in leaving a lasting impression on her students.

She has a good heart. She was charming. Allen-Brown observed, “She always made you laugh even when you weren’t trying to laugh.

“She made you feel real both within and outside of the classroom. You felt more human around her. She was also really sweet.

The Saint Louis Dazzling Diamonds dancing troupe included Alexzandria as a member. A billboard featuring Alexzandria’s likeness was made by her fellow dancers and is now a part of the monument that is developing in front of the school.

The two were going to get together this weekend to celebrate Halloween, according to her friend Dejah Robinson. Robinson fought back tears as he continued, “She was always humorous and kept the smile on her face and kept people smiling.

Robinson, a student at another school, urged Congress to take action on gun control.

They were aware of what was happening and could have taken action, she claimed. But it’s obvious that they aren’t and won’t do anything.

The father of Alexandria claimed that his daughter could brighten any day. Alexandria was my entire world. Bell told KSDK that she was a fantastic, joyous person.

She was the girl I cherished talking to and seeing. It was okay to talk to her about how I was feeling at any time. It was my child. But Alexzandria is unable to console her father in his hour of need.

He is still in agony over who would kill his daughter.

He declared, “It’s a nightmare. “I’m furious. I need someone to make sense of this—police, local residents, someone.

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