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In Public, A Woman Groped A Transgender Man To Confirm His Gender

A Woman Groped A Transgender Man To "Confirm" His Gender

A Woman Groped A Transgender Man To "Confirm" His Gender

In Public, A Woman Groped A Transgender Man To Confirm His Gender: A lady who grabbed a transgender man’s genitalia after questioning his gender has been punished. After groping a trans guy at Yates Cheltenham, a sports pub in southwest England, on February 6, Karen Waldron, 53, was found guilty of sexual assault.

She approached the unidentified trans man on the dance floor of the bar and inquired about his gender. She inquired, “Are you sure?” after his response that he was a man.

It’s none of your concern, the man said in response. In reaction, Waldron pinched his genitalia while putting her hands in between his legs.

After that, the man asked her what she was doing and informed her that it was improper, according to prosecutor Graham Dono, who spoke to the BBC. She allegedly answered, “I don’t care.”

However, she became concerned when the man alerted the bar’s security staff about the touch. Police were notified by the personnel. Later, according to Waldron’s statement to police, the touching was “more of a glance with the back of her hand that just lasted a second or two,” Dono said.

“Waldron was really drunk, and this was a drunken and gratuitous touching of the man’s genitalia,” he continued.

In court, Waldron claimed that she was defending a buddy who had found the gorgeous trans man while out having fun with others.

Despite her justifications, the judge judged her guilty and ordered her to pay a fine of 300 pounds ($368.15 US).

The man she touched claims to have begun transitioning in 2016.

The National Sexual Violence Resource Center estimates that roughly 47% of all transgender individuals have experienced sexual assault at some time in their lives. Comparatively, 1.4 percent of cisgender men and 20 percent of cisgender women have ever been sexually assaulted.

Even worse, 57 percent of trans and non-binary people admitted that they hesitate to ask the police for assistance. The same percentage reported that they had been mistreated by police enforcement.

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