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A Worker Is Killed As A Building In Bronzeville Collapses

A Worker Is Killed As A Building In Bronzeville Collapses

A Worker Is Killed As A Building In Bronzeville Collapses

In Bronzeville, a structure collapsed on Thursday, killing a worker. A still-and-box alert was sent by Chicago Fire to the building in the 700 block of East Oakwood.

Residents were able to leave the property even though half of the structure was occupied at the time of the occurrence. An employee who was apparently 3-5 feet beneath debris was rescued by emergency personnel from the other side of the building, which was under construction.

Chicago Fire stated in a press conference that three workers were at work when the building “simply fell down.”

The worker was extricated from the rubble at roughly 11:55 and taken in critical condition to the University of Chicago Medical Center. At the hospital, his death was confirmed.

An unnamed man said that he and his wife reside close to the construction site. At the time of the collapse, the man’s wife was at home.

She was preparing for work. She felt the house start to tremble after hearing a big blast, the man stated. She believed there had been an earthquake.

Chicago Fire was moving 10 firemen in and out of the “hot zone” while the rescue operation was taking place due to the possibility that the remainder of the structure could collapse. Along with the city’s building department, workers stayed on the scene all day to evaluate the stability of the structure.

The man who wished to remain unnamed said, “It’s not obvious how safe it is at this point, so our neighbors to the other side, have to wait and stay out of the house until it’s been cleared.” Therefore, they plan to demolish it.

The unnamed man claims that the occurrence is tragic for the locals.

“I was devastated. Something like that might have been prevented. For more than six months, we have been observing the construction taking place here, the man stated. “Now we’re opening our doors to them because we want to take care of my neighbors and make sure they have a place to stay. My thoughts are with the families and close friends.

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