According to a former federal prosecutor, January 6 resulted in the FBI intensifying its monitoring of the American population.

Ankush Khardori, a journalist and former federal prosecutor asserted that the FBI’s enhanced monitoring of the American people resulted from the January 6 incidents.

According to Khardori, “significant” incidents such as the January 6 revolt often elicit a substantial response from law enforcement authorities and the government.

Additionally, the contributing editor to Politico criticized the FBI for failing to prevent pro-Donald Trump supporters from assaulting the capital in an attempt to invalidate the 2020 election’s certification.

“I believe there are several unanswered questions regarding the FBI’s conduct that I’d want to have addressed before acquiring new information,” he added. “While it is legal, it raises legitimate concerns among privacy advocates.”

The FBI has been chastised for failing to heed warnings on social media that Trump supporters were plotting an insurrection on January 6.

In November, the agency defended its activities, with some agents claiming that many of the warning notices posted online were protected free expression and “aspirational” in nature.

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Khardori compared the recent events to 9/11 when an attempt to prevent a catastrophic terrorist attack on US soil was made but was unsuccessful.

The tragedy precipitated substantial changes in the United States, including increased data collecting by federal agencies such as the National Security Agency.

Khardori stated that federal agencies are committing errors, most likely due to a lack of scrutiny by legislative politicians.

“This is not an uncommon occurrence,” he explained. “The real long-term issue here has been one of congressional oversight.”

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